WATCH: Still on cheating! Abrewanana reveals how to use eggs to prevent cheating

Most people cheat because they’re paying more attention to what they’re missing in their respective relationships rather than what they have. This is utter foolishness. However, dare not cheat on anyone who is good to you! because Karma is a bitch.

Most people cheat simply because they’re paying more attention to what they’re missing in their respective relationships rather than what they have. This is utter foolishness. However, dare not cheat on anyone who is good to you ! . Save your own ass by stopping cheating. Quit the relation if you don’t love the person but don’t engage in the relationship and be cheating, for whatever reason, it can sometimes be fatal. Always remember, Karma is bitch.

Still on cheating! Abrewanana unleashed a pro version of a preventive natural application.

She calls this one Separation Spell and warns her followers, the Wellness Through Nature Family, not to waste their time trying this application on someone they are not married to because it will fail. In other words, it is recommended and effective only on someone you are married or legally engaged to, keep this in mind.

Abrewanana, Ghanaian Ace herbal application formula king kong, has made another clear stand against cheating in a relationship, by unleashing another powerful natural application in preventing the shameful act in marriages.

Personally, I call this the pro version of her last video which we published with the caption…Video: Ghana’s top spiritual herbalist Abrewanana goes hard on cheaters, reveals herbal secret for preventing cheating in a relationship

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I watched this video with all my mind and my heart. And from the depth of the video and the way I understood the guide, I personally think that this version of the natural guide is exclusively meant for only married couples. I am still wondering if this guide can work for very committed dating couples too ?.

In the video that is trending across her social media platforms, Abrewanana emphasized clearly that this guide is meant for married couples only. Take note.

The beauty of married couples is being together and working together for a very long period of time with a common goal of living a peaceful and successful future life while watching with care as your children grow to face life independently on their own.

Watching your children grow and trying to make it in life can sometimes be very worrying for a very carrying and committed married couple. This issue has always been an important subject for long decisive discussions in marriages.

But the situation is sometimes a bit calm when married couples become very successful with a couple of businesses, landed properties, and very secured impressive wealth.

Sometimes, in the process of setting up the future for your marriage, after suffering together with your spouse to set up successful companies, hoping that things will be at ease during your old age, suddenly from nowhere, another man or another woman suddenly appears, bangs in between the two of you…then everything begins to fall apart, the first negative impact of cheating.

All hope begins to fade away. This gives way to arguments, petty squabbles, assaults, and shameful incidences both public and private hitting the relationship from all directions. A relationship that used to be a kind of candlelight of hope and security for an entire family suddenly becomes a practical living hell.

WATCH: Still on cheating! Abrewanana reveals how to use eggs to prevent cheating

This stranger woman or man intruding on your marriage circles at this crucial moment of your life will destroy every life you have worked and desperately built in the hope of securing a better future for yourself as well as your children.

You need not allow this to happen.

Sometimes, when situations become abnormal, you must equally apply abnormal solutions to save your ass.

This video’s natural guide is a pro version kind of natural defensive – attack that you can release onto that stranger man or woman attempting to break your hard-earned relationship apart.

Shamefully as it is, sometimes, these destructive intruders, stranger woman or man can be your best friend or business partner whom you have always trusted.

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The crux of what is being explained here is that this guide is meant for marriages that have been peaceful and progressive and prosperous for a long period of time until suddenly another man or another woman comes into the scene and everything goes helter-skelter. and the situation requires a tactical rapid solution...

hope you understand?

You will need…

2 eggs ( either local chicken or foreign breed chicken egg as shown in the video )

a piece of red cloth

red powdered pepper

about 14pieces or more of alligator pepper

Get all these ingredients ready on standby

Now, this is how to perform this spell – ( on the day of your birth at the recommended time – between 2 am – 4 am) as usual )

As shown in the video…follow the guide carefully to ensure maximum best results.

  1. Chew 7pieces of the allegator pepper and pray for what you want to acheive with this direction.if you are a moslem pray to Allah,if you are a christian pray to Christ or which ever religion you are attached to,pray to your Soverign God.
  2. Write the name of either your husband or your wife on 1 egg as shown in the video, and the name of the woman or man trying to snatch your husband or your wife on the other egg.
  3. Pray onto the 2 eggs…but remember the usual way members of wellness through nature pray, that is, put 7 pieces of the alligator pepper into your mouth and begin chewing before you start praying onto the 2 eggs.
  4. Mentioned their names and pray that you send forth confusion to hit their relationship to break them apart,with immidiete effect.
  5. put the 2 eggs into the red cloth and sprinkle the red powdered peper on it
  6. chew another 7 pieces of alligator pepper to ensure that the hottness of the allegator pepper is still active in your mouth before you pray for the second time onto the 2 eggs laying on the red cloth…and while you pray,sprinkle the red powered pepper on the 2 egges and pray that may the bitternes and hottness in the red pepper go forth immidiety and influence bitterness and hottness into their cheating relationship , and that the rot and bad odor that will come forth from the 2 eggs when they begin to rot should also go forth and influence their relationship,and may their relationship smell like the rotten eggs to separate them apart and return your wife / your husband back to your matrimonial home peacefully.
  7. Tie the 2 eggs with the red cloth
  8. Go out and dispose of it….and this is the easiest recommended way to dispose off it
  9. throw it away into a gutter ( outside your home ) remember the time between 2am – 4am on the day of your birth as detailed above.
  10. Then return home and expect your wife or husband to break away from that stranger man or woman and reunite with you in peace and harmony. watch the spell’s tutorials video below..pls watch till the end.


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It’s about realizing it’s not about you. When someone cheats on you, it’s about them… about their shortcomings. It makes it feel like it’s about our shortcomings like there was something wrong with us. But the truth is, that it’s really their ego, and what they need to fill within themselves that drives them to do things like that. Not because you weren’t enough. 



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