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This article is mainly centered on the Palm Tree which if you can remember, has appeared in various circumstances in the bible,a simple indication that it has some special values.

When I was younger, around 9 years, my mother (may she rest in perfect peace) used to travel with me to our hometown. I was very young at the time and was unable to know the purpose of the trip though I still remember the occasional trips.

I still remember that during those short visits to the village, during our short stay with my grandfather and grandmother, I use to see my grandfather early in the morning under a certain tree pouring libation while kneeling down and reciting some words. I couldn’t tell which tree specific it was because I was very young by then and had very limited knowledge of the identity of trees.

And well, as young as I was, it was not visible for me to understand what he was doing nor did I bother to ask him or my mother to explain the purpose of the libation …and why the tree.

As a result, I was extremely thrilled when I saw Abrewanana’s video on pouring libation under a palm tree because the entire picture of my grandfather pouring libation under a tree immediately recollected in my memory and I must confess that Abrewanana is not only a gift to Ghana but also, she is a genius and national assets to be recon with.

I don’t know what prayer my grandfather did the early mornings he poured libation under that tree but I still remember that he was spiritually a very powerful man, he grew as old as over 90 years and still strong enough to walk and, the wonderful part is, he died thrice.

Yes, he died three times.

He died three times in the sense that when he died the first time, during the wake keeping, he woke up from the dead, and the elders at the wake keeping came to stop the drumming and crying of the family members and other sympathizers present.

Then some few years later, he died again after a short illness, and during the wake keeping, he again woke up from the dead and the elders present came to stop the wake keeping again. He lived again for over 7 years before he died again for the third time.

So during this third death, elders of the family deliberately didn’t cry nor do any wake keeping to prepare his burial because they wanted to be sure if he will not resurrect again.

Elders of the family waited almost 7 days until they realized his body was starting to decay and changing color before they confirmed that this time around he was truly dead and gone and wasn’t going to resurrect again, then they made arrangements for the wake keeping and finally buried him. I heard that even during this third wake keeping, the elders kept an eye on him to see if he will wake up again… but he couldn’t.

I am not related to Abrewanana in any way and my grandfather too is not related to Abrewanana in any way but I just inserted this experience of mine in relation to pouring libation under the palm tree just to support the fact that, yes, libation can be poured under certain specific trees based on their spiritual values…and we must thank Abrewanana for revealing the existence of such a simple and powerful libation pouring that is capable enough to return back to sender every bitterness in your life, as well as activating powerful protection around you.

Abrewanana, Ghana’s highest herbal medicinal brand has dropped this new video, showing how to pour libation under the palm tree using lemon juice. You will need the following:

1. Any palm tree

2. Lemon juice

3. a coin (for dropping under the palm tree before or after pouring the libation)

4. Aligator pepper (to chew before praying)

Watch the full short video below in English and follow the guide carefully as detailed in the video by Abrewanana herself.

For further inquires, kindly Contact Abrewanana directly on the following numbers:

Kumasi office – head office – 0249985916

Whatsapp number – 0597532679

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