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Sometimes in life, one finds him or herself in certain ‘abnormal circumstances‘ that counseling nor dialogue seems not to have any positive impact on ...and it will only take an ‘abnormal solution‘ to fix such ‘abnormal circumstances‘.Abrewaanana, Ghana's most powerful herbal formula king kong reveals how to reset the mind of a love partner whose love for you is suddenly breaking away for no justifiable reason. All you need is water, salt, and sugar.

Before I pen down any details, I will humbly like to emphasize that this information is only meant for those willing to implement any safe procedure or formula to save their breaking relationship. If you are the type not interested in any other remedy to secure your relationship apart from dialogue or counseling, I guess this subject matter might not impress you and I have no issue with you simply because it’s your opinion.

Opinions are like onions! They can be planted anywhere.

Sometimes in life, one finds him or herself in certain ‘abnormal circumstances‘ that counseling nor dialogue seems not to have any positive effect on and it will only take an ‘abnormal solution‘ to fix such ‘abnormal circumstances‘.

Abrewanana, Ghana’s most powerful young herbal formula king kong has shared another powerful video guide of how to cast a simple love spell to save falling relationships and we wish to share our explanatory version of this video with interested readers.

How can a man take care of a woman for years, like, see her through education or job apprenticeship, with the full concern of her parents, with the intention of marrying the woman after her apprenticeship or after schooling, only for this woman to complete school or complete her apprenticeship and tell the man that she has found another man who she thinks she loves so she cannot continue the relationship…Masa! on earth should this be?…and for whatever reason?

In some severe cases, a man residing in Europe or the US will finance his fiancee to come and stay with him there and this lady will fly over and for whatever reason, this lady will suddenly find another man and decided to break up with the man who financed her trip to the country.

In other cases, a woman will suffer with a man during long years of hustling relation then when this man becomes rich, he suddenly decides to kick the old woman away to marry a new woman…even though the old woman might be very good in character and in everything a good wife can be.

How ?… I mean how?

Most men and women feel severely heartbroken, used, hurt, and abandoned when this happens….and some lost control and resort to bloody vengeance.resulting in suicide or murder...then imprisonments come to affect the children, that is, if there are children in the relationship.

This can be avoided if one partner becomes very tactical to apply certain simple steps to protect the relationship.

These situations are very dangerous because they are strong enough to destroy lives and the future so the best thing to do here is to go an extra mile and reset the mind of your partner to the original status that it used to be when everything was lovely between you two.

Continue reading to find out how to reset the mind of your partner to its original status without any negative side effects, using only water, salt and sugar. Yes, you read it right.

Countless young women have been reported to have died mysteriously as a result of some of these unfair treatments simply because the affected men decided not to take it easy…some of whom secretly place curses on the woman.

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Continue reading…the video is below

But in my candid opinion, I think if such spells are known by many men, I doubt if the affected man will go the length of taking the life of the woman who is turning away from him after spending so much on her. He will rather apply the spell and reset the mind of the woman back to the way it used to be when she was demanding assistance from him.

VIDEO: Simple Love Spell To Make Your Partner Love You Forever - Abrewanana

One crucial point comes up here, and I want to make it clear.

Maybe the woman might not really be in love with the man and might only be pretending to just because she wants the assistance.

Fine, but this spell should sound like a warning to many young women out there that. If you don’t love a man, don’t pretend you do just to get help from him because if a man gets hold of this spell, and you make him fall in love with you by pretending you love him, he might bind you with this spell and you will be glued to him your entire life.

So the keyword here is that if you don’t love a man or if you don’t love a woman, don’t pretend to. Just quit the relationship and move on, find the one you both love yourselves, and protect the relationship. Period.

There is an adage of wisdom that says, it is the responsibility of a man and a woman to protect their relationship.

Most importantly too, before I continue I need to caution you that,f you don’t truly love someone, do not use this spell on the person. It is not fair and nature might not forgive you.

what you need.

  1. a clean plastic bottle like what is shown in the video
  2. Some powdered sugar
  3. some sea salt
  4. some water
  5. a bay leave
  6. a piece of white paper
  7. some alligator pepper
  8. A piece of red cloth

Now the Procedure:

1. Pour the water into the plastic bottle.

2. write the name of your target lover on the white paper.

3. chew 7pieces of the alligator pepper and pray on the white paper. say exactly the good things you want to happen between you and your target lover and then spew the chewed pepper onto the white paper.

4. Put the white paper into the bottle as shown in the video below

5. add some sea salt to the water.

6. write your wish on the bay leaves and pray again on the bay leaf, say exactly the good things you want to happen between you and your target lover, and then put it into the water

7. Close the bottle and shake it.

As you shake it, pray that… as the salt melt into the water so should sweetness and love melt into your relationship to make it sweat…and that your partner should provide you all your needs.

7. Tie a piece of red cloth around the bottle and make sure you hide it safely in a secret and secured place.

8. Once every week, pick the bottle, open it and add some sugar to the water.

But before adding the sugar, chew 7 pieces of alligator pepper and pray while adding the sugar to the water.

Pray that the sugar you are adding should also enter your relationship and make the relationship sweet and lovely…and that your partner should provide you with all your needs

9. Remember to close the bottle and shake it again while praying that, may the sugar you have added to the water enter the relationship and make your partner love you more, and provide you with all your needs.

This simple love spell should be able to bind you and your target loved one permanently and forever.

On the other hand, anytime you wish to end the relationship for whatever justifiable reason, you just have to pick the bottle, open it and pour the water away and that’s it – the spell is naturally broken.

watch video 1.

this is part one


This is Part 2

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