VIDEO: If it is about money I will not teach spells for free – Abrewanana

If Ghana Food And Drugs Authority has approved Abrewanana Herbal Shop and over 176K people are getting positive results from Abrewanana's spells then any media house that attacks Abrewanana is a questionable media house and must just shut up.

Ghana’s Ace Herbal Formula King Kong Abrewanana has taken to her official Facebook page to make some point very clear. She has empazied that if it is about money, she will not be giving out her powerful spells direction for free.

The famous Astrologist & Psychic revealed that she is the type who will not have a clear conscience for the day if a herbal secret is revealed to her via her dreams and she doesn’t teach people for free.

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This has come as a result of a couple of media attacks alledging that she is extorting money from the general public fraudulently.

I am not writing this article because Abrewanana has paid me to do so. I never charge Abrewanana for articles I publish about her, just like I do for others, who also have societal developing attributes.

I published articles about Abrewanana because I see a kind of gift and potential in her, which in my voluntary opinion, I think her gift and potential must be defended and protected from evil-minded idiots and demonic mentality bastards who will stop at nothing than to tarnish images of powerful people who can move societies from one level to another higher level.

It is sad and disheartening to see people hiding behind media houses trying to destroy highly contributive souls without provocation, and very few people and media houses have the gut to speak against it.

VIDEO: If it is about money I will not teach spells for free - Abrewanana
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Don’t we have juju shrines in Ghana ?…Don’t we have Kweku Bonsam and his equals across Ghana?

Why don’t these media houses attack these juju shrines and blacklist them? The simple fact why these media houses and pastors cannot attack juju shrines across Ghana but resort to attacking an innocent woman trying to teach the public the secrets of herbs, to me is a sign of hatred and foolishness in loss of mental health.

This is absolute madness and I am very pissed off. 3di3n gyimis3m nsu nie? ad3n ? mu abubo dam anaaa?

I personally don’t see any justification in these attacks simply because we are living in a law-abiding country and…

1. Has anyone risen up from anywhere to say Abrewanana has defrauded him or her?.

2. Has anyone reported to the police that Abrewanana has defrauded him or her?.

3. Abrewanana does not impose any of her spells on anybody.

4. Abrewanana provides her spell’s direction for free via Facebook video streams.

5. Abrewanana operates a reputable license herbal center approved by the Ghana Register General and Food And Drugs Authority.

6. Abrewanana has over 150K followers on Facebook who believe in her guidance for certain challenges in life.

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So, in my capacity as the editor of this short article I have these few questions for the media houses out, who are trying to defame the young gifted woman.

1. Do these media houses have any evidence that Abrewanana has defrauded the public?

2. Do they have any evidence on documents from the police that Abrewanana has been involved in any financial criminal activities?

3. Has anyone out there come out to say he or she bought any product from Abrewanana and the product is not what it’s being claimed to be?

4. Is this media house representing the police or any court?

I believe that if Ghana Police has a problem with Abrewanana’s modus operandi, they would have either shut down her herbal shop, picked her up, or whisked her to the court already.

So, these media houses are claiming to be wiser than the over 176K followers of Abrewanana ?.

That can never be and they can never be wiser than all those over 176k people who believe in the young woman because they are being healed from their predicament through her teachings.

And if you are not wise, what are you?

SO AS FAR AS I AM CONCERN, if any of the above is not happening, these opposing media houses must just shut up.

Thousands of people are getting positive results from the young woman’s guides and you too you are saying what ? are you a fool? to be advised that if you don’t like somebody and his or her business, it doesn’t mean that you must do all you can to tarnish the person’s image?

Who in Ghana does not know that our so-called men of God practice spells or what they popularity call akwankyr3?

Karma will definitely find you if you are the type who destroys others’ reputations just to make you feel good, possibly because you have been paid money to do that. You are not human.

For the sake of money and other evil intentions, these are the whims and caprices that are not only slowing down the progress of the black man in general but also receding our societies into a debased lifestyle.

In some parts of Europe that I know, Abrewanana would have been taken by the government, given a huge sum of money so that she will not share the knowledge with anyone except high-ranking government officials to enable them to become powerful enough to govern the country well.

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