Some Ghanaian women actively exploring the ‘dic’ side of cucumber

A month of research by First Ghana News has uncovered that a suprising section of Ghanaian young women are getting fond of using cucumber to satisfy their sexual desires.

First Ghana News spoke to some women on the streets, some students, some professionals and market women and our findings sent a child down our spine.

We have discovered that in reality, lots of young women and a section of older women are into self-sex satisfaction using the cucumber.

Some Ghanaian women actively exploring the 'dic' side of cucumber

The reasons they gave for this practice are …

1. Lately men are too womanizing

2. Lately men are not reliable

3. Lately men are cheats

4. Lately men are abusive

5. Lately, men are weak in bed.

Most of the students we spoke to revealed that using cucumbers to satisfy themselves sexually helps them to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Some Ghanaian women actively exploring the 'dic' side of cucumber

They also mentioned the fact that the cucumber is always available right on time near them anytime they want it. They complained how it is sometimes impossible to get the sex you want simply because your man might not be around you at the crucial moment when the almighty libido strikes.

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But in the case of the cucumber, once they carry it in their handbag, any moment they feel for sex, they can just enter a washroom and bang themselves to orgasm.

Some Ghanaian women actively exploring the 'dic' side of cucumber

You will see many women around the cucumber sale van trying to pick their choices. Not all of them buy the fruit for mouth-feed. The majority of them are doing so for sexual purposes as revealed by our recent research.

Did you know that cucumber is considered one of the oldest fruits or vegetables in the world? Turns out, what we think of as a ubiquitous salad garnish was once an essential food.

Cucumber has been cultivated for over 3,000 years. And did you know the Romans worked out a system to grow this slender, green fruit year-round? It appears they used an early version of a greenhouse system.

But although the ancient Romans seemed to appreciate what cucumbers brought to the table, they feared that this fruit would have a “cooling” effect on sexual passions.

The Romans may have decided cucumbers were anaphrodisiac but countless other cultures presented cucumber as a food of sexual temptation. More often than not, cucumber was declared aphrodisiac simply because of its slender, shaft-like shape, which (sort of) resembles the male member.

Although this is something I simply won’t endorse, there are those who appreciate cucumber as a sexual tool because of the fruit’s size and shape and resemblance penis.

However, there are safety and hygiene issues to consider that make this fruit a poor choice for acts of self-pleasure. Instead, look for a tool designed for such activities.

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