Smart Cameroonian tricks Christians and Moslems

A smart Cameroonian successfully tricked Moslems and Christians but eventually landed in the hands of the Police. First Ghana News is glad to inform you.

The journey to prosperity on this planet earth has taken dramatic dimensions difficult to understand.

The sons and daughters of men have grown so ‘wild’ they have the gut to do anything for survival.

The post dropped on a Facebook account named Elhadji Saidou Yalcouye. The account alleged that a smart Cameroonian is in the hands of the police for allegedly tricking Christians and Moslems in an interesting manner.

The arrest of a Cameroonian in one of the Arab countries alleges that a young man went from mosque to mosque every time in different neighbourhoods of cities, pretending to be a Christian who want to convert into a Moslem.

Touched Moslems held parties for him amid exclamations, cheers and joy and they gave him many gifts and money. He repeated the same thing in several cities.

Secondly, he also went to Churches pretending to be a Moslem who wants to convert into a Christian. Equally touched Christians held a party for him amid exclamations, cheers and joy, and he gets help like gifts and money.

However, luck crashed on him during one of his appearances in a city in a mosque when he was identified and handed over to the police.


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