Side Chic In Danger For Using Abrewanana’s Product For The Wrong Purpose

Mother Nature doesn't accept excuses. ! In business, you must be smart but in nature, you must be wise. It is impossible and almost dangerous to apply the dynamism in business in Nature because Nature is so holy and perfect that it doesn't tolerate ignorance. Nature is like electricity, no matter how ignorant you are, if you touch it the wrong way, it will electrocute you.

Abrewanana’s Herbal Center has witnessed an interesting scenario, a danger that anyone can face by miss applying her products, and I think this incident should be a one-time lesson to all her followers called Wellness Through Nature Family.

Pamela Serwaa, popular known as Abrewaanana, the CEO of Abrewanana Herbal Center has gained massive popularity as a result of her mysterious and effective love spells. In her recent live stream on Facebook, the herbal queen gave an inside detail of the incident and took the opportunity to advise her followers to be careful of the way they use her products.

”Herbs cannot be used for the wrong purpose, my products cannot be used to snatch someone’s husband neither can it be used to snatch someone’s wife” Abrewanana warned.

According to Abrewanana, a 23year old young lady walked into her center and bought 3 items, namely; Odo Nuo, Do as I know Honey, and Break Through Tit Apono Soap. The products were sold to this young 23 years old lady without being questioned about what she was going to use them for because the center has a walk-in shop where anyone can just walk in and buy.

Side Chic In Danger For Using Abrewanana's Product For The Wrong Purpose
Abrewanana Herbal Center’s range of products made from natural herbs

And this is the inside story.

This lady just walked into the center and bought the mentioned products. Apparently, the lady is dating a man. This man is also in another serious relationship with another woman with whom he has 3 children,though they are not married.

Now, this 23-year-old lady used the products she bought from Abrewanana Nana’s Herbal Center on the man. Her purpose was to snatch the man from the woman he has 3 children with.

Initially, the products worked perfectly by making the man turn his attention to her and love her more than the other woman with whom he has children. So, initially, it means that the lady succeeded in snatching the man away from the woman he is having children with. Soon, things began to go rough for the lady and her children because the man stopped taking care of her and the children and directed all his attention to the 23 years old lady.

Now, strangely enough, the other woman whose life became difficult and who could not feed her children well also heard of Abrewanana and went to her center and complained to Abrewanana about what was happening to her relationship…and Abrewanana too advised her to buy a couple of specific products. Apparently, both Abrewanana and this woman were not aware that the 23year old lady is the one behind the issue.

Now, when this woman also went and applied the products Abrewanana gave her, it worked for her too and she was able to win back the heart of the guy who is her kid’s father. The man’s mind changed back from the 23year old lady to the woman he has the 3 kids with.

The whole issue generated some heated circumstances that eventually got to the knowledge of Abrewanana at her Herbal Center. Abrewanana finally came to hear the whole story when the incident finally came before her.

In her capacity as the CEO of Abrewana Nana Herbal Center, Abrewanana made it clear that she cannot support such behaviors as the 23 years old lady did and therefore will not support her snatching the man away from the woman he has 3 kids with.

Unfortunately, the 23years old lady is pregnant for this man but because the whole truth has been uncovered that she used the products to snatch him from the other woman, the man is so pissed off and he doesn’t want to even see her with the pregnancy, and he is at the point of almost rejecting the pregnancy itself.

The 23year lady is now in danger as well as has been disgraced big time by her shameful action. Abrewanana took the opportunity of the incident to advise her followers and the general public that marriage is a gift from God and there is no need to rush for it, and that, once God’s time comes, everyone will get his or her portion.

She also warned of the danger, that herbal is so sacred it can be dangerous to use it for the wrong purpose because when it is applied wrongly, it can bounce back negatively to the person using it wrongly.

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