Shemima and Ali of Date Rush breaks up

First Ghana News had earlier on predicted the outcome of the relationship between Ali and Shemima of date rush based on a few analyses we did when the couple appeared for a live tv interview.

Based on our findings, we foresaw that Shemima, in her capacity and lifestyle that was visible in her words and actions and the childish relationship managerial format on the part of Ali was one strong fact that was enough to break them apart sooner or later.

In Ghana, sometimes it is said that the elderly has a prophetic spirit but the fact of the matter is, the inside wisdom has nothing to do with prophetic spirit.

The mature mind is capable enough to determine the end result of anyone life base on a few moral analyses.

Just as we predicted, behold, the news has just broken loose that Shemina, in a live interview granted her on a radio station said she is now single.

Being single now simply means she has broken up with Ali whom the entire Ghana knows she is dating.

Shemima of TV3 Date Rush fame has stated that any man willing to date her and
possibly walk her down the aisle should be able to possess his own car.

The plus-sized participant of Date Rush Season 5 edition made this declaration when DJ
Nyaami caught up with her for an exclusive session recently.

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Shemima indicated that she is single and searching for a middle-aged man who can cater
for her needs. According to her, she does not have any preference but the man must be
above 40 and has a car.

“It’s not a big deal should someone gift me a car. Transport is everything now and so I
can’t date a man without a car. I like old and mature men from 40 to 90 years,” she told
host DJ Nyaami and curated for SVTV Africa.

Shemima and Ali of Date Rush breaks up
Shemima with Tiktok username shemima_daterush8 posted a video of her crying on Tiktok to confirm the breakup between her and her date, Ali.

Earlier on…Shemima with Tiktok username shemima_daterush8 posted a video of her crying on Tiktok to confirm the breakup between her and her date, Ali.

She said it is finally over and she is now single and free even though it is painful. In the video, Shemima said;

“Guys I hope everyone is doing good, it has finally ended in tears and I cannot hold my tears anymore. I have been crying all day but I just have to cope and be ok.

The most painful thing about this is, you going on national television to look for love and it finally ends in tears.” She added;

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