Smart scammers flooding social media

The leftovers of the coronavirus pandemic, being economic hardships across the globe, Ghana not excluded, it is not surprising to note how many youths have decided to use social media as an ATM.

They log on to social media, especially, the most powerful social media of our time, Facebook to create a fake account and defraud innocent and weak minds.

These scammers are applying various intelligent strategies from sales, employment, loans and travel. In rear circumstances, some lives have been lost as a result.

Personally, I have fallen victim several times.

The latest is a company which call itself who sponsored its membership ad on Facebook for a month subscription @ 10$ after which a paid member can download many WordPress themes and plugins for free.

I join the one-month membership @ the 10$ only to find out that most WordPress themes and plugins on the site were not free. There are a few free themes and plugins though but the majority of the best WordPress themes and plugins were selling at a minimum of 4.49$.

This was the first deception i saw on the site.

The worst was yet to come when I purchase the YOAST WORDPRESS PREMIUM PLUGIN at 4.49$ only to install it and be told that it wasn’t actually a premium version but a free version because all premium features were absent. I tried to contact the site owners to no avail. i considered the waisted money as bad debt because the free version cannot do what a premium version can do and it means the site was just being used to scam innocent victims. So the site was actually selling a free plugin at 4.49$ which I personally think is criminal.

The second incidence is this account on Facebook call Seth.

I chanced at this post on Facebook and challenged the owner that the post has signals of a fake account and fraudulent activities..then the argument started, resulting in some insults.

I personally don’t blame these fraudulent individuals who are flooding social media to make a living with fraudulent posts.

Check an example of these posts below.

When I chanced on the post, his phone number was attached..however, he quickly removed the phone number when I started challenging him.

Smart scammers flooding social media 1

I blame the social media platforms for not protecting their subscribers enough.

Click the image and be taken to the Facebook page of an example of these fraudulent posts and learn how to identify them to save your wallet from being hacked into.

Smart scammers flooding social media 2

It will be recalled that some recent arrest has been made concerning police recruitment scam and the accused are currently standing trial at the Accra circuit court.

Police recruitment scam and mobile money scam has lately risen but the police are doing all their best to bring the situation under control.

MTN has equally introduced a policy to block the IMEI of phones used for mobile money fraud once the affected is bold enough to report the issue.

However, the culture of silence is the greatest challenge facing these situations. Most Ghanaians are careless to challenge any situation or persons who show significant signs of fraudulent activities on social media. When the challenger raises his or her voice, they keep mute even though they may be in support of the challenger.

How long will Ghana look upon innocent Ghanaians being ripped of monies earned the hard way and say nothing?

Shame on us all