MUST WATCH VIDEO: Highly Intelligent Kidnapping Syndicate Kidnap Ghanaians

Highly Intelligent Kidnapping Syndicate Kidnap Ghanaians.

Sophistication for some time now has been upgrading every area of human operations. This remains one main factor that is rapidly changing the Modus Operandi of most operations the world over.

Highly Intelligent Kidnapping Syndicate Kidnaps Ghanaians has received a video from Italy that is alleging an intelligent kidnapping not only threatening but also immediately requires the attention of our security and interior ministry.

A man in the video, who claims residency in Italy alleges that an intelligent kidnapping syndicate based in Ivory Coast is on a kidnapping spree.

Once you are kidnapped, you are advised to call 2 people and lure them into the kidnapping trap before you can be released. The format has lead to many innocent victims being kidnapped as well.

watch the video below

watch till it ends

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