ML4Lyfe Group Finally Launches First-Ever Clubhouse Ghana Rehabilitation Center

The Global Corporate Launch that was done via Zoom had heavy-duty personalities such as the Vice president of Liberia, Jewel Howard Taylor with a memorial speech.

Her Excellency, Madam Jewel commended the organizer ML Brookshire née Blay-Miezah; and mentioned the creation of a Clubhouse-Franchised Rehabilitation Center, named Clubhouse LIBERIA within the next few months.

With great optimism and enthusiasm for the celebration of life and stability, mentally challenged individuals that roam naked and hungry and unkempt will be finally taken off the streets and will be taken care of indefinitely.

ML4Lyfe Group Finally Launches First-Ever Clubhouse Ghana Rehabilitation Center
Jewel Howard Taylor – Vice President – Liberia

The situation in Ghana

In Ghana, it is a common phenomenon to see mentally ‘handicapped’ people loitering both day and night without proper clothing, food, and medication. Mental Health patients are oftentimes unable to access the needed social or medical support.

The aforementioned have devalued the dignity, worth, and rights of the patients living with a Mental Health condition, an experience, ML said should not be encouraged in the 21st century in an otherwise advanced country like mother Ghana.

ML4Lyfe Group Finally Launches First-Ever Clubhouse Ghana Rehabilitation Center
Vice president of Liberia, Jewel Howard Taylor gave a memorial speech.


The Ministry of Health, as well as the Ministry of Education, will work hand in hand to propel the ML4Lyfe Foundation, as well as its non-profit NGO-arm, to succeed at all costs.

The Ministry of Education will afford recovering patients an opportunity to gain Free Basic SHS Education. The Ministry will also focus on training ‘functional’ patients to become artisans and learn a skill or trade in the areas of carpentry, plumbing, painting, welding, hairdressing, sewing as a seamstress; and many more skills in order to ensure that the selected recovering patients will become self-sufficient and independent.

Clubhouse Ghana is admirably the First-Ever Rehabilitation Center to be established in the entire West-African region. There are only two other Clubhouse-Franchised rehabilitation centers in Uganda and South Africa.

CEO, Clubhouse International, Joel Corcoran spoke as the first to endorse the gargantuan project.

ML4Lyfe Group Finally Launches First-Ever Clubhouse Ghana Rehabilitation Center 1
CEO, Clubhouse International, Joel Corcoran.

He delineated the Clubhouse Business Model and shared detailed information with MC, His Royal Blackness, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah aka KKD, The Finest.

Another prolific speaker was Rotarian Dick Kuriger, a business mogul in financial services; as well as a Former Assistant District Governor of Rotary Club in Texas.

Endorsement video from Song Guy

Endorsement video from Song Guy

Dick spoke about the successful collaboration between Rotary International as a whole; and Clubhouse Ghana under the ML4Lyfe Group Umbrella.

Rotarian Karol Kunko of Rotary Club of Accra Industrial also spoke about the ML4Lyfe Foundation and Group having entered a Partnership with several Rotary Clubs in Accra to positively and substantially impact health and well-being of people with serious mental illnesses in Ghana by aiding their rehabilitation and therapeutic processes.

This engagement between all parties will be a significant step towards the ultimate aim of giving Mentally Challenged individuals an opportunity to live a self-sustaining independent life no matter what.

In addition to all the noteworthy speakers and international endorsers such as Master P, “Song Guy”, Cedric the Entertainer, Kenny G, and local celebrities in Ghana; Honorable Former Deputy Minister, Dr. Oko Boye also spoke at length…

ML4Lyfe Group Finally Launches First-Ever Clubhouse Ghana Rehabilitation Center
Honorable Former Deputy Minister, Dr. Oko Boye

The Former Deputy Minister Of Health spoke impeccably about the strides that had been taken in Healthcare as a whole in Ghana.

He reinforced the need to integrate a Mental Health strategic plan in Ghana to spearhead comparable efforts by Clubhouse Liberia for the upcoming year.

Dr. Boye also heralded the project created by ML that was executed by a stellar team of Executive Leadership Members. He comfortably spoke under the auspices of the Office of the First Lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo in conjunction with the Rebecca Foundation…

Dr. Boye captured many details that will afford investors an opportunity to donate to this daunting project. The company has a 501(c) designation in Houston, Texas that allows all donors and investors to receive portions of their US donations back every tax season.

To DONATE TODAY!, kindly visit >

The company is also a registered NGO in Ghana with corporate Tax Exemption status that will allow all donors to donate with ease in the Ghana Cedi currency as well through the Mobile Money number (MTN MoMo): +233 244 425 405

And /or deposit donations to ML4Lyfe Group at the following business account with CAL Bank using the GHS Cedi CAL Premium Acct number: 1400004486147 successfully opened with the Tema Community 1 Branch.

Swift code…ACCCGHAC
Branch code….11
Sort code….140106 for ALL Deposits / Donations.

Conclusively, Clubhouse Ghana will hold the mantle as the first trailblazing country to be granted funding, US resources, and World Mental Health Federation support in conjunction with Clubhouse International in Manhattan, New York, to establish a Center that will operate primarily with the NGO’s business model as a whole.

Screen shot – some of the zoom attendance.

Awareness and Erudition

Clubhouse Ghana will schedule tours for CEOs to visit the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Pantang, and Ankaful to take an introspective look at the present heart-tugging unfortunate living conditions of individuals at the facilities.

Another Endorsement from Master P Miller of the Team Hope Foundation

Before the tour’s end for over 400 Corporate CEOs of Ghana and beyond, the local CEO Summit will grant Madam ML Brookshire née Blay-Miezah an opportune moment to share a 20-minute reel and presentation at its next Summit in May 2022.

Strategic Media Partners for Television with TV Africa and Max TV, Radio with StarrFM, Print/Newspapers with Business and Financial Times (BFT), and Online/Digital with First Ghana News will begin a nationalistic campaign next month to raise funds for the non-profit organization.

ML4Lyfe Group is supported by several
Mental Health advocates, namely, Dr. Jemima Kankam, Dr. Akwasi Osei, Dr. Anothony Nsiah-Asare, Dr. Sammy Ohene to mention a few.

Many Ghanaians have abandoned relatives, friends, and colleagues living with severe mental illnesses. Most Mental Health advocates are passionate about creating a place of excellence where their loved ones and other people living with similar conditions can build positively-reinforced relationships with peers etc. in order to achieve resilience and recovery.

Thank you, Clubhouse Ghana and ML4Lyfe for this major Mental Health objective that will allow for the organization to start building a new facility next year for the Mentally Challenged. Visit for more pertinent and detailed information.

ML4Lyfe Group Finally Launches First-Ever Clubhouse Ghana Rehabilitation Center
Saxophonist, Connell Thompson

Renowned DJ Capelo aka Akora Kwame Kyiamah was the officiating Disc Jockey for the illustrious VIRTUAL Global Corporate Launch as entertainers like Saxophonist, Connell Thompson, and Singer, Janice Nakuye Miller mesmerized the Zoom audience on 26th December 2021. Kudos!

Source: FirstGhanaNews.Com


  1. This is very commendable.
    I have had a couple of personal experiences with mental health issues.
    Educating, Learning and understanding the illness of mental health helps both the patient and the society.
    I, by the grace of God, had a good circle of trusted friends, a great team of mental health professionals and family members to support me.
    Please I would like to assist and support by volunteering on a weekly basis.
    Thank you for helping the less fortunate.


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