MEB FOUNDATION Launches Nationwide Braille Reading Material Donation

Braille reading material and being blind cannot be separated because each one’s importancy depends on the other.

Blindness is one major ‘bad omen’ no man on this planet can be happy about no matter the circumstances surrounding it.

Across the globe, the living standards of the blind varies from country to country depending on what policies authorities have laid down in support of a better life for the blind.

It is common to know that the blinds who find themselves in developed countries have high hopes of better life achievements than those found in Africa.

The story is not different in Ghana.

Though Begging Is Illegal In Ghana, as recently published, the warning seems to be dangling somewhere under the sea because there are still beggars on the streets of Accra, a sign that sends a single ring tone that ‘they have nowhere to go and no other ways to survive if not begging.

The situation is very pathetic.

However, one non-governmental organization which has single itself out and determined to support the blind and persons with disabilities in general in various ways, from education, accommodation and employment just to mention a few is The Meb Foundation Ghana.

Meb Foundation Ghana is a non-governmental organization founded with only one aim and that aim is to support the blind across Ghana by giving them a more meaningful living standard that can enable them to contribute to national development.


The foundation has many supporting programs outlined for the blind across Ghana and in its humble attempt to fuel one of these programs, the foundation has launched a nationwide braille reading material donation to all schools for the blind including the relevant institutions and individuals across Ghana.

What is Braille and how does it work?

Braille is a system of touch reading and writing for blind persons in which raised dots to represent the letters of the alphabet. It also contains equivalents for punctuation marks and provides symbols to show letter groupings. Braille is read by moving the hand or hands from left to right along each line.

What is Braille explain?

Braille is a system of raised dots that can be read with the fingers by people who are blind or who have low vision. Teachers, parents, and others who are not visually impaired ordinarily read braille with their eyes

Braille at work

Many blind and partially sighted people find braille to be useful at work. It is a fast and efficient way to make notes in meetings and can also be useful when reviewing long printed documents. Braille can also be written and read through a computer.

How many types of Braille are there?

MEB FOUNDATION launches nationwide braille reading material donation

There are two types of braille: uncontracted and contracted. Uncontracted is the most basic representation of letters, numbers and punctuation.

In partnership with a US-based donor, who insist to remain anonymous, Meb Foundation is currently distributing over GHC50,000 worth of braille reading material every month free of charge.

The reading material is to be donated to institutions, schools for the blind across Ghana including individual blind people whom the foundation can identify free of charge.

Akropong School for the blind is the first to receive GHC 10,000 worth of braille reading material donated on the 29th May 2021.

MEB FOUNDATION launches nationwide braille reading material donation

It is therefore now officially public that any institution, school or individual who is interested in the braille reading materials for free should contact the following numbers >> +233245838678 / +233 24 287 7972

To throw a little more light on Meb Foundation’s core strategies,the foundation has a stratregic tool designed to create a lucrative platform from where funding can also be derived to finance its local and internal programs.

MEB FOUNDATION Launches Nationwide Braille Reading Material Donation

One of such tool is The Magic Eyes Band,a group of talented blind and dynamic musicians put together to perform live band shows to raise funds for the group. You can find out more about The Magic Eyes Band Here