Ghana police showing Nigerian movie at reception instead of safety tips? – Opinion

Lately, i can confirm for sure that Ghana Police has embarked on a couple of approaches that confirms the efficiency in the upgrade of their national services to Ghana and the general populace.

The approach has not only rebrand the services but also enhanced trust.

Over 2500 CCTV installed nationwide across Ghana and feeding on standby trained police officers stationed behind screens with real-time feeds gives the total assurance that Ghana police is stepping up its features and that alone send signals of efficiency and trust.

However, my attention has been drawn to something and in my humble opinion, i think the service needs to take a second look at it and put things right ASAP.

I was recently in Ghana and i was at the Police headquarters for a follow up on a land dispute. Waiting for my turn to see the officer in charge of the case, i was ushered in to wait at the reception.

Ghana police showing Nigerian movie at their reception instead of safety tips - Opinion

As far as i know, when you visit any institution, the TV screen in their reception display information about the institutions you have visited. This practice is seen in almost all banks and other private institutions in Ghana.

A typical example is The Food And Drugs Authority at Shaishi in Accra. In their reception, their plasma TV shows only educative information concerning individual food safety. This show a sign of maturity and professionalism. I noticed this myself when i was at the FDA trying to register a product on 2 occasions. The same informational video was on auto-repeat.

I learnt a couple of food safety tips during my short waiting at the reception and i want to applaud the FDA for these arrangements.

In the case of Ghana Police, as usual, i was expecting some in-depth information on the police’s achievements, upgrades and safety tips and guides to educate individual who finds themselves in the reception.

But lol and behold, the TV at the reception at the Police headquarters was as i was there, showing a Nigerian movie.

I attempted complaining to other waiting visitors, why such level of security and public order administration was showing a Nigerian movie instead of individual safety tips, but i was only met with the usual culture of silence.

The highest i hear a man beside me said was ‘please think about yourself, even if you complain, it will go nowhere and besides, you can be in trouble for pointing out this mistake on their part’

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For all the 30 minutes i sat there, visited the officer in charge of the case and returned, the Nigerian movie was still showing.

In my humble opinion, I don’t think this is right.

It kind of degrades the professionalism which the service is trying to establish lately and i humbly want to call the attention of the service to review the issue of showing movies at their reception instead of showing the police’s achievements, upgrades and safety tips and guides to educate individual who finds themselves in the reception.

This said educational video must not only be customised but also be on auto-repeat 247 so that anyone who finds he or herself at the reception will have at least a little idea of what the police service has in stock or wants to tell the public, no matter how the short time the individual spends at the reception.

I think i have made my opinion very clear and so i will not drag the issue too far.

Ghana Police, please let us see more of the practicals of the Service With Integrity, thanks for the attention.

I hope my humble opinion will be taken into quick consideration and the reception arrangement revised.