Gabriel is dying from Leukaemia and needs GHC 70,000 now

As part of our newly introduced ‘Save A Life Initiative’ by Nsemkeka Media, we decided to publish this post in support of funding raising for Gabriel’S leukaemia.

It was posted by Serah Dzidedi Phine(Seraphine) on Facebook.

No money will come to us directly. we don’t need it. Kindly follow the post details to support a worthy cause to save Gabriel from Leukaemia.

The post cited by, read;

My people from Kwamekrom.Please let’s do this together. We don’t have to wait for the person to die first.

Gabriel is dying from Leukaemia and needs Ghc 70,000 now
Della Sowah

This is the story of Gabriel who is suffering from Leukaemia. When the story broke, it touched me like it did many of you.

I paid a visit to them at Korlebu hospital. Some have said by their accent they are not from Kpando. And that’s true but they don’t have to be from Kpando before we help them. The mother is a resident of Kwamikrom in the. Oti region. She lived there with her parents and husband…

The husband who was earlier a farmer joined a healing church and was sent to Kpando to head a branch in Abanu.

When you give seed to help someone who is sick, it translates into health for you and your generations.

Let’s come together and give. Consider this, one cedi from everyone in Kpando will give us a minimum of 70,000 Ghc.

Folks we can do it.

Congratulations to the various platform, and Kpando groups raising money to help Gabriel. Thanks to TV3 for making the issue public. Anyone who wants to support can send Momo to 0243536151 God bless you all🙏🙏

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