FULL VIDEO: Use this simple spell to separate your husband from a ‘slay queen’ – Abrewanana

Slay Queens and Side Chicks in big trouble as Ghana's top herbal queen Abrewanana releases a spell of how to kick a slay queen or side chick away from your husband

Abrewanana, Ghana’s top Astrologist & Psychic, gifted with extraordinary interpretation power that enables her to define the unique strength of herbs is making more massive waves across Ghana and the world with her mind burgling herbal and natural spell secrets. Fortunately or unfortunaetly the reign of being a champion ‘slay queen’ will be over soon and this is why.

Championing the lifestyle of society by being a slay queen or side chick is not going to be easy any more with the kind of secrets Abrewanana is releasing to save marriages or very committed relationships. Take it or leave it.

The interesting aspect of her spells is that the spells are working for the masses, the testimonies are coming from everywhere and her followers are increasing every day.

The result of Abrewanana’s spells is a simple signal that shows how deep the majority f humans are having complicated challenges in their love affairs. Slay queens and the so-called side chick play a big role in the instability in major relationships.

Amorous relationship between a man and a woman is no new news. Love affairs can be good, bad, or worse. Love can save a woman or a man and the benefits can stretch as far into the beneficiaries’ families.

FULL VIDEO: Use this simple spell to separate your husband from a 'slay queen' - Abrewanana
the pain of seeing one’s lover in another’s arms can be devasting, and sometimes be fatal

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The issue and complications around love is an endless topic so let me cut it short and drop the crux of this article.

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Have you ever found yourself in a love relationship where you feel so threatened by the presence of another woman or another man? Feel threatened that you might lose your lover to a slay queen or a slay king who suddenly appears from nowhere and starts dating your lover? If you have then I am certain you will understand the core value of this article. If not, then you will need to pay close attention to what I am trying to mean before you skid the subject matter.

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This article is for any married man or woman whose life is being threatened by the presence of another man or another woman in his or her marriage.

This article is also for a very sincere relationship that is bonded in true love and care until suddenly one partner begins to date another stranger for no justifiable reason, then everything begins to fall apart for the other lover who is being very faithful to the relationship.

If you are married and then all of a sudden, a man or a woman suddenly appears in between you and your husband or vice versa, do not use physical assault to deal with the situation. You might land your ass in jail.

Slay Queen, Side Chick.

The smart way to handle this challenge is to use this simple spell to kick off that intruding man or woman your partner is cheating with. Try it and thank Abrewanana later.

You will need the following.

1.1 chicken egg – local or foreign breed

2.21 office pins

3. Do As I Say Honey or alligator pepper

4. fresh pepper

5. lime or lemon juice

6. 2 pieces of black cloth

7. A solution tape

The procedure – as shown in the video below

First of all, you must strip yourself naked or dress in all black in the middle of the night before performing this spell.

Preferably, you can do this on the day of your birth between 1 am – 4 am.

1. carefully drill a small hole on top of the chicken egg and pour all the liquid from it making it empty eggshell

2. write the name of the woman your husband is cheating with on the black cloth, then turn the cloth and write the name of your husband as shown in the picture. Write one name, then turn the paper to write the other as shown in the illustration. But it must be written on a piece of black cloth.

FULL VIDEO: Use this simple spell to separate your husband from a 'slay queen' - Abrewanana

If you don’t know the name of the man write ADAM and if you don’t know the name of the woman write EVE.

3. lick Do As I Say Honey or chew 7pieces of alligator pepper.

4. Fold up the black cloth and pray on it.

5. slip the folded black cloth into the eggshell (through the hole you drilled at the top)

6. pour the lime or lemon juice into the eggshell while you pray that may the lime or lemon juice turn into bitterness between your husband and the woman he is cheating with….and that may their relationship break up as soon as possible.

7. pick up 1 office pin, and pray on it that this office pin must become like thongs and pierce their relationship and break them apart and then drop the pin into the eggshell. Do the same thing to 7 of the office pins, meaning that you will have to put 7 of the office pins into the eggshell. Remember to lick the Do As I Say Honey or chew 7 pieces of alligator pepper before praying on the office pins.

8. Cut a piece of fresh paper and use it to seal the hole on the eggshell. As you do that pray that may the red pepper cover their relationship and make it so hot that they should hate seeing each other and break up.

9. after all these, seal the hole of the eggshell with a solution tape to prevent the fresh pepper from peeling off.

10. put the eggshell on a piece of another black cloth.

11. add 7pieces of the office pins and tie them securely.

12. then, bury it within 24hours …and this is how to bury the spell.

13. find a private and secret place and dig a hole.

14. drop 7 pieces of the office pin into the hole.

15. put the tied black cloth into it

16. add another 7 pieces of the office pin onto the black cloth and pray that the office pins should go forth immediately to pierce their relationship and create confusion among them to separate them permanently.

18. cover the hole with sand

19. finally, step on the covered hole with your left foot and say your wish again and leave the place

And that’s it. Once done perfectly, the spell will take effect in 7 days and you will see the signs that they are breaking up and they will break up too.

Handling Slay Queen, Side Chick in your relationships can be terrible.

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