Discovering Nana Obuobi, a dynamic high-life gospel artiste

Gospel music can be traced to the early 17th century. Hymns and sacred songs were often repeated in a call and response fashion. Most of the churches relied on hand-clapping and foot-stomping as rhythmic accompaniment. … The first published use of the term “gospel song” probably appeared in 1874.

Gospel music is deeply rooted in the rich traditions of the African-American church. During the late 1800s, African-American churches in the southern United States started fusing various styles of music into their worship services, including African-American spirituals, hymns, and sacred songs.

One of the first recorded gospel songs releases OKeh – 8352. “John Said He Saw A Number” (8352-A) / “My Soul Is A Witness For The Lord” (8352-B) by Arizona Dranes (vocals/piano) with Sara Martin and Richard M Jones on vocal choruses and sanctified piano solos.

The roots of Black gospel music can be ultimately traced to the hymnals of the early 19th century. A Collection of Spiritual Songs and Hymns Selected from Various Authors (1801) was the first hymnal intended for use in Black worship.

Gospel songs remain the number one selling song on the planet earth for a reason very hard to tell.

Despite the huge hits made by secular singers across the globe, it has been long established that gospel songs have always been in the lead in the heart of men.

First Ghana News has been speaking to one of Ghanaian’s emerging dynamic high-life gospel artiste… George Nana Kwaku Obuobi.

Born George Nana Kwaku Obuobi is a Ghanaian highlife gospel musician is known by stage name Nana Obuobi  (born 3rd June 1971) who hails from Adonkwanta in the Eastern Region close to Akyem Asafo, he was taken to Akyem Abomusu at the age of 6years.  

Discovering Nana Obuobi, a dynamic high-life gospel artiste
Nana Obuobi – Ghanaian gospel musician

He attended Presbyterian Middle School, then he ventured into farming. He came to Accra in search of greener pastures and took up dressmaking for a living in 1992  George is the brain behind Geobis Fashion.

Growing up he liked to entertain himself with his friends with songs, they sang at small gatherings and among themselves for 10years but never came out with any song.

Early this year he recorded two singles to his credit”  εnkɔ hɔ” and “εnkɔ ka n’bεka mi” he draws his inspiration from the society in which he finds himself, the day to day activities to advise, encourage and empower the youth.

He is a pleasure to listen to in his soft silky voice. Yaw Awudu Dompreh manages him at the moment.


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