Accra FM video alleges Nana Addo gave Ghana’s private jet to his younger brother to use

I am so shocked to the brim and dumbfound about this private jet allegation, i will be brief in this post else I may not finish writing it once my ‘forensic analysis’ genes activate themselves. Thats what I am made of.

The more I write and the more time I spend on a post activate something inside me that empowers me with certain in-depth insight to digest and vivisect the post to a forensic analytics depth.

But i am preventing myself from doing that today because my ‘being’ is not ready.

However, for the sake of my global readers who might not understand the main Ghanaian language being used in this video, let me drop a quick and short translation of what is being alleged in the studios of Accra FM, an Accra based Frequency Modulation station.

Accra FM video alleges Nana Addo gave Ghana's private jet to his younger brother to use
Ghanaian presidential jet The Falcon 900 EX 

The gentleman in a white shirt, whose name I don’t know yet, is alleging with confidence that our president Nana-Addo flew in a hired €15,000 an hour private jet across European business tour, an expensive trip that received much condemnation from high profile politicians across Ghana, while he; Nana-Addo’s younger brother; was using Ghana’s private jet, the Falcon 900 EX, back home in Ghana for his personal errands in Africa.

It has now been unearthed that, during the president European business tour, his younger brother too, whose name I can’t really figure out from what the gentleman in whiting is mentioning, I mean Nana-Addo’s younger brother, was also using the official Ghanaian private jet, the Falcon 900 EX, doing his personal business errands within the West African subregion. Can you imagine this?

The gentleman in white is alleging that The Falcon 900 EX jet flew Nana-Addo’s younger brother to Lagos when Nana-Addo was in Paris using a hired luxurious private jet.

The gentleman in white is being challenged by the host of the show, but he is insisting that he got the information and documents covering it from an embassy.

He did not mention the name of the embassy.

It will be recalled that Akufo-Addo spent £15,000 per hour on a foreign journey; in a luxurious private jet; G-KELT private aircraft.

It is estimated that hiring the G-KELT private aircraft alone for the trip, during his nine-day visit to France, Belgium, South Africa, and back to the country cost a whopping £345,000 at ¢2,828,432.80

Per Flightradar24, the G-KELT aircraft left Accra with the President to Paris on the 16th of May — a 6 and half hour duration. Airlifted the President from Paris to Johannesburg for 11 hours on the 23rd of May.

Accra FM video alleges Nana Addo gave Ghana's private jet to his younger brother to use
G-KELT private aircraft – flies at £15,000 an hour

Then Johannesburg to Accra on May 25, was a five and half hour flight. This gives us accumulated flight travel of 23 hours, so at £15,000 an hour, it thus cost us a colossal £345,000. At the current exchange, that is a staggering ¢2,828,432.80.

Speaking on Joy FM and monitored by, Samuel Okudzeto, the North Tongu MP’s concern stem from President Akufo-Addo’s decision to charter a “top-of-the-range luxury aircraft” rented by Acropolis Aviation at £15,000 per hour.

This, he described as outrageous since Ghana already owns a Presidential aircraft, which is in perfect working condition.

He added that should the President have travelled on the Presidential jet instead, “it would have cost Ghana less than 15% of this 2.8million Ghana Cedis.”

The President’s nine-day working trip was part of efforts to re-engage with the rest of the world after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and highlight Ghana, once again, as a country with an impressive business-friendly atmosphere as well as bright economic prospects for the future. 

So our president Nana-Addo authorized his younger brother to use an entire national private jet, fueled with the taxpayer’s money, for his personal business errand, while he the president himself went ahead to charter another super-expensive private jet for a national duty call business tours?

Oh really ?

I really want to admit that our president Nana-Addo currently seems not to care about what he does, irrespective of who accuse him of whatever and who doesn’t.

Nana-Addo seems to be ridding the country Ghana like a family affair…A shameful legacy that will tag and drag corruption and media brutality along his generations to come.

watch the video below

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