ABU DHABI T10 Cricket League 2021 Is Here

The long-awaited mega ABU DHABI T10 Cricket League 2021 Is Here and company sponsorship is opened to interested cooperation, irrespective of location.

The sponsorship package is available for download in PDF.

Before telling you more about this interesting global event, let us go a little into the history of Cricket to refresh the minds of our global readers.

What is the history behind cricket?

Cricket is believed to have begun possibly as early as the 13th century as a game in which country boys bowled at a tree stump or at the hurdle gate into a sheep pen. This gate consisted of two uprights and a crossbar resting on the slotted tops; the crossbar was called bail and the entire gate was a wicket.

Why is cricket called cricket?

The name cricket comes from the Middle Dutch phrase for hockey, “met de kirk ket sen”, which means “with the stick, chase”. Early cricket was played with a stick that resembled more a hockey stick than the modern-day cricket bat.

When was cricket created?=June 15, 1909

Who started cricket in the world?= England

There is a consensus of expert opinion that cricket may have been invented during Saxon or Norman times by children living in the Weald, an area of dense woodlands and clearings in south-east England.

Who started cricket in India? = British sailors

Cricket was introduced to India by British sailors in the 18th century, and the first cricket club was established in 1792. India’s national cricket team did not play its first Test match until 25 June 1932 at Lord’s, becoming the sixth team to be granted test cricket status.

Why is cricket so popular in India?

The performances of Indian cricketers at ICC tournaments have played a major role in cricket’s popularity. 

Indian has won the Cricket World Cup several times. They have been victorious in 1983 and 2011. … These victories encourage many young people to pursue a career in cricket and play for their nation.

Become a sponsorof ABU DHABI T10 Cricket League 2021

ABU DHABI T10 Cricket League 2021 is a great opportunity to showcase your brand and company at the event venue and during live TV broadcasts of league matches.

ABU DHABI T10 Cricket League 2021 Is Here

This year’s ABU DHABI league will provide a golden opportunity for organizations to compete with each other in healthy environments for 15 days among 8 teams.

It will feature an increased number of 90-minute matches played over the planned 15 days, as opposed to 10 days in previous seasons. The fifth edition of the Abu Dhabi T10 league will be held from November 19 to December 4.

ABU DHABI T10 Cricket League 2021 Is Here 1

There are 9 types of sponsorship packages that are designed to suit every company be it small or big.

Download sponsorship packages via the link below.

ABU DHABI T10 Cricket League 2021 Is Here

The sponsorship package is available for download.

Looking forward to your participation.

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